Matching funds

up to $50,000

Contact Church Multiplication Network for more details. 


NOTE: PAC and Multisite are eligible for matching funds but a National Ridley assessment is required. If approved, PF District will cover half of the cost of your assessment (Up to 250$).


    1. Create a PDF that describes you and your ministry. Something on a single page that promotes what you are doing and can be emailed out in a mass email format

    2. Email the PDF to Steve Coad for approval. 

    3. If approved, it will be sent out to all our churches who have signed on to be a part of the PF Planting Support Team for them to consider sending you some support.

    NOTE: Must have completed all of the planting steps and the matching funds assessment first.

  • PF Planting Grants

    1. Church Planting Grants: Email Asst. Superintendent Scott Young to see what grants are available. 

    2. Speed the Light Grant (Sound Equipment/Media) - Email Al Force

    3. BGMC Grant (purchase material/curriculum) - website

  • Partnering Networks

    When you partner with a specific network, they have their own way of providing additional support to you as the planter. See which networks Pen Florida is currently partnering with.